Lews Castle



There's something to enjoy every day at Lews Castle. Explore the new Museum nan Eilean and see the famous Lewis Chessmen, stop for a bite to eat at the Storehouse Café, enjoy a woodland adventure in the grounds, or find that perfect gift in the Outfitters Shop.

Museum nan Eilean Lews Castle is open from 10am until 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. The ground floor of Lews Castle and the Storehouse and Outfitters by Natural Retreats are open every day from 09.30 until 6pm. It’s free to enter the museum and castle – so check our map and make a visit.

Fossil Hunters Landscape

Until 26 July visitors can enjoy Fossil Hunters – a touring exhibition from National Museums Scotland showcasing recently discovered fossils which were amongst the first creatures to step from the sea on to land. The exhibition, which also features film footage and interactive games explaining how fossils are discovered and researched, is free to enter.


All images ©Isobel Martin unless otherwise stated